Manager’s Notes February 2013

I’d just like to say that I truly appreciate the spirit of our community, “The Rincon Spirit”.  The volunteer spirit we display is something that benefits us all. It reflects the strong and diverse backgrounds that make up our community.  Without mentioning any names, we have residents with backgrounds in construction, grounds-keeping, environmental control, security, and health care that have volunteered their time and talents in a wide range of activities.  In one case, we have reduced our water usage by cutting back on the irrigation frequency of our boulevard grass.  Another resident volunteers by supporting our trash removal efforts.  On February 9th, Rincon celebrated its third annual Sweethearts Dance in our community center.  The success of that event was assured by the many hands that stepped up to help prepare and cleanup after.  That’s the true nature of Rincon!

This Rincon Spirit has reached far beyond our community.  In my travels to places outside of our community, people are asking questions about us.  There is a curiosity about how so many people from so many diverse backgrounds can get along so well.  Some are calling from as far away as Alabama, Nebraska, Texas, and Indiana, expressing a desire to reside with us.  Some have already joined us.  If we keep this up, there will be a waiting list of people wanting to be our neighbors.  Wouldn’t that be something!

Well, 2013 has gotten off to a good start!  Through frozen pipes, illnesses, and year-end tax processing, along with normal operational concerns and additional requirements from the owners, we have managed to prevail and are looking happily ahead for easier and better times. There have been some changes in our staff, which promises to make things much smoother and more efficient.  Wynn Greene, for example, has been a great help to me in more than one area, including:  1) his cheerful enthusiasm when interacting with residents which has encouraged more volunteerism, and 2) his skills in planning and program development and marketing have enabled me to gain more freedom to focus on operational and sales matters.  I would like to also bring your attention to our new “BLOG” website at, which is intended to operate in tandem with and our Facebook account. These websites are intended to provide residents with added vehicles for communicating with each other and management.

Having sighted the above positives, I’d like to acknowledge a couple of miss-steps on my part having to do with the rent increase letters.  First, as everyone knows, last month we distributed rent increase notices to all residents in the park. During that process, we identified the start date for in the increase as April 1, 2013.  That date is not correct.  The correct start date for the rent increase is June 1, 2013.  Second, according to our Home Owners Association (3411), I may not have complied fully with other rules regarding the proper notification of rent increases.  In this regard, I have taken steps to correct the problem, where necessary.  (See the comments under Reminders and Concerns, herein.)  Regarding an updated lease agreement, as I have consulted with our attorney and the Landlord Tenants Act, I have come to understand that a new lease agreement is not required for tenants whose leases have reached the end of its lease term.  These are now month-to-month.  However, all residents interested in obtaining a revised lease agreement should contact the office and we will provide one to you.

On another note; as we all know we continue to experience the passing of members of our community.  When that sad event happens, there are always many things left to the living to do on behalf of the deceased, including the disposition of their personal property.  When it comes to the property of the deceased, it is important that those of us who have access to their property handle it in a controlled, respectful and legal manner. Needless to say, park management is always heavily involved in making sure all things related to the home of the deceased and contents therein are secured until appropriate action has been taken.  This is especially true if there is no Will or no relatives – if any – that step forward to assume responsibility.  With that in mind, I’d like to remind everyone that having access to the home or the contents therein take any action or permit others to take any action to remove or otherwise dispose of said properties independent of management involvement or knowledge.  Typically, management will take every appropriate step to handle these matters in a way that is both legal and expedient.

With above in mind, I’d like to recommend that everyone take care of their “end-of-life” planning, as none of us would want to leave the closure to our life’s affairs to be handled by persons we don’t know.  In an effort to assist in this, I have sought out an attorney that specializes in Last Wills and Testaments who will come to our community and, on a pro-bono basis, help all who desire assistance in this area.  The more people we can sign up for the services the better the event will be, so please contact the office and leave your name if you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

At this time, I’d like to provide a clarification to the December newsletter. In that edition, I stated that, “We are also offering sales incentives, including one to two months of free rent for residents that refer someone who buys a Bliss home, and $500 referral fees that will be paid to nonresidents that refer someone who buys a Bliss home in our park.”  Well, unfortunately I failed to include the fact that “these incentives apply ONLY for referrals that lead to the sale of a Bliss home to persons who wish to become NEW residents of the community.  In other words, the buyers of a Bliss Home must be persons who are not currently residents of the park.

Well, that’s it for now.  Again, thank you one and all for your continued support.

Sam Harrell, Manager

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