Gossiping about Rumors…

In my first meeting with my staff, I gave them my perspective on rumors, which, in my view, are lies.  At that time, I told them, “If you don’t hear it directly from me, it isn’t true.”  What makes a rumor a lie?  It is the slightest alteration of the original words spoken. It can be something as simple as a comma innocently inserted in the wrong place of a repeated expression.  Adding to this spin of the facts is whenever the expression is repeated (gossiped) to others, they too will likely repeat it by adding or even removing a word and, before you know it, what was once truth is now a “LIE”.  If there’s anything I’d like to impart to our community, it is to be suspect of anything coming out of the month of anyone from whom those words did not originate.  Seek out the source and enrich yourself with TRUTH.

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