Manager’s Notes January 2013

Well, the New Year has begun but that’s not the only NEW thing to report.  As a community as well as individually, we each will have new and renewed opportunities. For example, we have old and new friends; and yes, unfortunately, there are also those old and new challenges we must face (i.e., aches and pains).  In each of these, there is also new and renewed hope.  The greatest of these is our hope in God’s promises of renewal. Let us all rally around each other in helping to support the new and renewed hopes that the others may have and, in doing so, create a greater sense of community.

This month’s edition of the Manager’s Notes will be brief, because much has been said over the previous three months about the progress that has been made as of late.  I will however, use this opportunity to talk about our efforts to keep you all better informed on a more routine basis going forward.  First of all, while we will continue to make use of the newsletter in its current format, we are starting to use our new Facebook page at more aggressively. Updated daily, Facebook enables us to provide timely information about all the activities taking place in our community, including the calendar of park activities.  It also allows residents to have a voice in that you can post comments of your own.  Yes, you can even direct a message to management about any concern you may have. Especially those concerns that others within our community may share!  By the way, management is also open to comments expressing you approval of our efforts as well.

Speaking of new things, actions and people, have you noticed a new face around the park over the last few weeks?  His name is Wynn Greene and he is our new Activities Director responsible for the planning and coordination of all park events.  Wynn comes to us with a strong background in community relations, marketing and sales, and event planning and coordination.  (See Wynn’s bio, enclosed.)  Now, for your information, I’ve known Wynn since 2002, when I worked with him in Colorado Springs during the development of a supplemental education services (SES) project that was approved by the Department of Education in the state of Colorado.  At the time, Wynn was the education director and chief operations officer for a local non-profit that collaborated with me on that SES project.  Quite honestly, it is actually serendipitous that Wynn is here. You see, his background, along with his availability at this particular time and the fact that he now resides in our community, makes him an ideal fit for the position.  I am more than confident that the community will benefit greatly from his presence.  In fact, already many of the residents have commented on the positive impacts of his contributions.  Now, Dianne will continue working in the events area on a volunteer basis; however, going forward, she will be reporting to Wynn and focused primarily on select “park sponsored” events.  “Non-park sponsored” events will continue to be facilitated by park management via the Activities Director, but are the responsibility of sponsoring groups to implement and operate.

Further adding to what’s new, last year our sales activities increased greatly.  It has been said that this is a direct result of the new sales office and the fact that we have stepped up our efforts by going outside of the community to bring prospective buyers in to see what Rincon is all about.  Assisting us in our success, we’ve implemented a promotional campaign that encourages local merchants to give us gift certificates for their businesses, which are to be included in our raffles for residents.  Most of them have been willing to do this in exchange for placing our posters/flyers in their establishments for their patrons to see.  On a monthly basis we will be raffling of these items to park residents. A separate raffle will be held for park visitors on a quarterly basis, beginning March 31, 2013.  So, go over to the sales office during office hours Monday through Sunday to get your raffle ticket for the monthly drawing. While we are hoping you will provide us with referrals of persons who may be interested in joining our community, there’s no obligation to participate in the raffle. By the way, don’t forget that park management offers various incentives for all referrals that result in the sale of a Bliss home.

Finally, for the convenience of all residents, a new copier and fax machine has been installed in the library next to the community center.  We encourage you to take full advantage of this accommodation as required, and please inform the office whenever you are inconvenienced by paper or ink problems. I’d also like to close by expressing my deepest appreciation to all who attended and supported the first of what I hope will be an ongoing “Dinner with the Manager” event.  Reports from resident-attendees are that it was a tremendous success.  We will announce the next one soon, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Well, that’s it for now.  Again, thank you one and all for your continued support.

Sam Harrell, Manager

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