Manager’s Notes June 2013

Our theme for this month is; “With great gains come great losses!”

Well, it’s been nine months now since I became your manager.  During this time a lot has occurred on virtually every front, including an increase in new residents, representing an increase in home sales; and a rejuvenation of social engagements among residents, translating into a happier community.  We have also completed a number of special projects that were started under Betsy’s management, while starting a few new ones, including the upcoming Water Pipe Repair project. While each of these [gains] represent positives, we also continue to experience a few negative, such as the [loss] of members of our community in death, which causes us all to pause to consider that even in the midst of good, bad things also happen. While this is truth, however, our hope is evident in the fact that we continue to move forward with a focus on the good.  “Life must go on”!

That fact reminds me that with every new day there are also new opportunities.  For Rincon Country,
our new opportunities include the way we view the challenges we face as a community.  By that I mean, although there will always be negative forces at work against us, we each have the ability to decide to what degree we allow it to affect us. Some of these negative forces may be other people who live in the community; others will be the things we bring upon ourselves.  Without being preachy, I, for one, prefer giving those things over to my God in prayer and allowing Him to direct my steps.  This practice has helped me to maintain my moral and spiritual center when interacting with people.

In keeping with this, I want to take a moment to address a few things that have occurred in our community over the last few weeks. In one case, there was an act that was so egregious that I struggled
to find a way speak of it in less disgusting terms. So, here goes!  Last month, someone reduced their humanity by leaving their DNA all over the dog run restrooms walls and utilities as evidence of their animalistic existence among us. In another case, someone entered into the home of a deceased resident and removed items without management approval. Along similar lines, there have also been reports of someone breaking into the homes of our residents.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where people don’t respect the property of others and feel they must demonstrate that feeling by taking what does not belong to them.  We all look forward to a time when such conduct is a thing of the past!  Then there are the
not-so-bothersome things that some residents bring to me that have happened to them due the uncompromising positions that they have gotten themselves into.  These are things that truly cannot
be resolve by me!

Now, in addition to sharing the above information with you, I wanted to draw your attention to the challenges I face each day that require me to seek a reaction that’s based on prayerful consideration.
Just to put things into perspective, in regards to the negatives, my job as your manager is to do my very best to make this community as safe and secure as I can, without violating anyone’s rights.  That basically means, while some of you may feel that I should do something to help you with your non-park related personal concerns, I cannot overstep my authority and, thereby, potentially make the problem worse. In those cases where there is a violation of park rules and regulations, it would be most helpful to me if you would provide me with a formal legal statement (a police report) that can be used in support of your concern.  Otherwise, there’s really very little that I can do!

On a positive note; I continue to be impressed with this community and am not only happy to be your manager, but to reside here as well.  Another positive:  as your manager I have decided to honor the contributions of those in our community commonly referred to as “Block Captains” by giving them an appreciation lunch, which was held on June 21, 2013.  Some have served the community in this capacity for many years and have never been acknowledged.  It’s about time!  During that luncheon we discussed some of the experiences, established the need for a task description and training, and their involvement during the water project.

Well, that’s it for now.  Again, thank you one and all for your continued support, and remember:  if you see someone without a smile today, why not give them one of yours!

Sam Harrell, General Manager

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