Manager’s Notes May 2013

Out theme for this month is; “Community”

Last month, on April 19th, I introduced the details of the Water Pipe Replacement Project to a good number of interested residents.  The objective was to provide the community with as much information as I could about the plans, while leaving the door open for changes as required.  All I can say is, Wow! As it turns out, the community is ready for an improvement to the water system and are willing to commit their time during the project to assist others who may be in need. Now that is “Community”!

Further evidence of our community’s spirit is the great concern that has been demonstrated when a case of domestic violence occurred in our park recently.  Whenever it happens, surrounding neighbors can make themselves known as witnesses to the event by 1) calling 911 direct, or 2) informing my office after the fact, which results in the police being called.  Anytime anyone witnesses such an act, you should contact our on-duty guards who are required to contact the police.  As a community that provides physical security via 24-hour security guards, all of our residents should be made to feel safe and secure, regardless who the perpetrator might be.

As an added note, residents should know that management will not delay in following through on my end with a call to the police the moment that I hear of it.  It should also be noted that, while the Crime Free Addendum to our Rental Agreement provides for an immediate termination of the offenders lease, I will always consult our attorneys before taking such an action.  The laws governing such actions are not always clear from one act of violence to another, especially when it comes to domestic issues.

Last month’s social calendar was full.  What a time everyone seemed to have had with all of the events that took place!  Everything from the new TNT (Tuesdays at Noon-Time), to the Park Picnic, to the Wellness Week, to the Grand Opening of the Dog Park; it’s been great to see all the happy faces enjoying warm association.   There are so many comments posted on Facebook and other places expressing complete satisfaction for what they have experienced.  I personally want to thank Wynn Greene and all the volunteers who gave of their time, talents and energy to make these events so successful.

Now, for the Water Pipe Repair Project:  If you were present at the Manager’s Press Conference on April 19th, you know that the start of this project is imminent and is expected to take some time to accomplish, requiring a great deal of patience and a willingness on the part of us all to support this effort.  If you were there, you also know that I refer to this project as a “Community Project”, meaning we will all be in it together through to its completion.  For those of you who were not able to attend the conference, you should know that, before we actually break ground, we will have developed plans that will take into consideration not just the technical aspects of the project itself but also all of the concerns of residents.

Now, on a side note relating to the Water Pipe Repair project; during the Manager’s Press Conference I announced that I would be retiring, after the water project is completed.  Since I made that statement, I have heard many variations of what I said, including, “Sam is retiring and leaving the park”, without any appreciation for what I said regarding when I would be retiring.  I just want to take this opportunity to set the record straight.  I am not retiring until “after the project is completed”, which could take a year or more, and, even then, I have no plans to leave the park. That’s the trouble with rumors!  All too often, the teller of a story leaves out important facts.  Long before I moved into the park and subsequently became your manager, my wife made plans for our retirement, which I had intended to do when we moved in last year.  The simple truth is I’d like to get back to that retired status again so I can participate more fully in spiritual goals that my wife and I had established for ourselves many years ago.

Well, that’s it for now.  Again, thank you one and all for your continued support, and remember if you see someone without a smile today, why not give them one of yours!

Sam Harrell, Manager

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