Manager’s Notes October 2013

This month’s theme; “Everything Must Change”

I selected the above theme for this month because, as we all know, we live in a world where change occurs so often that we have an expectation that change will happen, whether we like it or not.

Regarding the changes in this community, I remember back in 2012, before the water valve improvement project we were experiencing water leaks almost daily, sometime more than two.  Today, we’ve completed nearly half of the forty- (40) valve project, which means we can forecast total completion of the project by the end of November.  I can also remember how the social clement was at the time in the community.  It would be an understatement to say that there were many conflicting, opposing forces in existence at that time, causing many to stay away.  Without mentioning any names, on an administrative level, we’ve had to make a number of staff adjustments, mostly in response to external governmental compliance drivers. Happily I can say that only a couple were released do to performance issues. In one case, we have made changes to our operational structure in order to maintain a standard that was set by the employee who previously held the position.

I’d like to spend a little time on this position; perhaps you all know by now that Wynn Greene has resigned as the Activities Director on October 11, 2013.  Needless to say, I am personally saddened by this loss.  Wynn came along at a time when the park needed him the most. In his role as activities director he has created an environment of inclusion that more of our residents have taken advantage of.  He has brought in new programs and set out to assure their successful delivery to the residents. Not only has he fulfilled his role as activities director, he has also served to assist me in many of the functions that I needed as your new manager of Rincon.  The truth is, with all of the unexpected programmatic issues that have come up (i.e., special projects, staffing issues, etc.), Wynn became one of my strong right-hands. He was a great choice and much needed at the time. I will miss him on more than one level!

Again, Wynn set a standard that we will make every effort to honor. Fortunately, when he arrived back in January 2013 his first assignment was to create a “Playbook” of activities and events, called “Game Plans”.  The objective was to document the program details of these activities and events so that they could be handed off to someone and the programs could be operated effectively. As part of his knowledge transfer process in readiness for his departure, Wynn completed the final touches of each of these programs into this Play Book.

Wynn’s departure has created two part-time positions, not just one full-time position.  This is because, while his primary role was event planning and coordination, due to some staff adjustments, he also assisted in facilitating the sale of park and private-owner homes out of the Sales Office.  In considering a replacement for Wynn I focused, not only on skills, but also on how well the replacements would fit into our team, which operates around the core principle defined in our Goals and Objectives.  (Included in this newsletter)  Fortunately, I have been successful in identifying a strategy that will help us move forward in filling Wynn’s shoes.

I know I am speaking for everyone in Rincon when I say, thank you Wynn Greene and best wishes to you!

Change!  There’s an interesting word, because it represents two points of view.  One being loss and the other being opportunity. I choose to see the opportunity! With all that’s happened in the past year that represents positives, there’s no reason we can’t continue to see the positives in all that we do as a community.

Well, that’s it for now.  By the way:  if you see someone without a smile today, why not give them one of yours!

Sam Harrell, General Manager

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5 Responses to Manager’s Notes October 2013

  1. Bill Sykes says:

    Have you chosen Wynn’s replacements yet? If not, I might be interested. Can I get an appointment?

    • rinconpark says:

      Bill, thanks for reaching out to us. Yes, Wynn’s position has been filled by Nellies Webb, another of our residents.

  2. Bill says:

    Real good, I certainly wish her all the success in the world. I am always available for Facility Management, or Project Management if you ever need me. I am always available for consultation. If any openings pop up… I’ll make sure to make time to discuss anything you need.


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