Park Projects

Rincon Country MHP is always working on park improvement projects designed to assure our five star status.  On this page you will find a verity of projects that have been completed over the last year and a number of them that are in progress as well as those on the drawing board.

  1. Dog Run: The Rincon Country Dog Run was installed on the north-end of the park in April 2013 for all to enjoy.
  2. Neighborhood Watch: Rincon is currently looking into establishing a Neighborhood Watch program in the community.  We hope to have this program up and fully functional by June 2014.
  3. Security Camera System: Rincon has installed a number of security cameras in the park as strategic locations.  This effort has the potential of being an ongoing effort, based on the need to enhance our security measures.
  4. Transformer Replacement Project … Transformer # 1 was replaced Rincon Transformerin September and an additional spare transformer was purchased for delivery by the end of December 2013.  We will retain a spare as a reserve should we experience another transformer failure, which will reduce the wait time that would otherwise be the case.
  5. Water Value Replacement Project:  The Pulse – Block Captain Newsletter — It’s Just a Nuisance
  6. Automatic Notification System:  An automatic notification system, based on Google technology was setup in the park in September.  The system serves as an aid in our efforts to communicate with all residents whenever an unplanned event or emergency occurs. Whenever such an occasion happens we simply go into our online Google account and send an SMS Message and every resident that has opted-in receives notification via phone, email and/or text.
  7. Asphalt Repair:  We are planning to resurface the asphalt in the parking lot around the guard shack, and down the main boulevard.  This project should take place from December 13 to the 15, 2013.  UPDATE:  We have successfully completed the initial asphalt project, with only the final sealing to be placed over the initial work, which will ensure years of weather and ware resistances.
  8. Rincon Country Rally Days:  A mentorship program designed to promote engagement of our seniors with Tucson youth.  This project was completed on March 30, 2014.
  9. The NEW Rincon Country MHP Community Patio, located in the yard that the old maintenance once occupied.


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