Our Mentor Program

As a senior citizens community, residents of Rincon Country MHP have decided to gather our collective knowledge and experience to “Give Back” by mentoring the youth of Tucson. Needless to say, we don’t want to re-invite the wheel, as it were, so we have elected to partner with Junior Achievement of Arizona, the Urban League of Tucson Arizona,and other local non-profit organization that are already engaged in such good work. Organizations that are already well placed in the community and have direct access to the schools where youth have needs for mentoring. Why are we doing this?

Well, did You Know?

Without a diploma

Dropping out of high school is related to a number of negative outcomes. For example, the median income of high school dropouts age 18 and over was $12,184 in 2003 (U.S. Census Bureau 2005a). By comparison, the median income of those age 18 and over who completed their education with a high school credential (including a General Educational  Development certificate, or GED) was $20,431. Dropouts are also less likely to be in the labor force than those with a high school credential or higher, and are more likely to be unemployed if they are in the labor force (U.S. Department of Labor 2005). In terms of health, dropouts over the age of 24 tend to report being in worse health than adults who are not dropouts, regardless of income (U.S. Department of Education 2004). Dropouts also make up disproportionately higher percentages of the nation’s prison and death row inmates.

BECAUSE WE HAVE LIVED, we believe we can leave behind a legacy of encouragement (Role Models) for our youth and, in doing so, we can help breakdown that stereotypical view that “OLDER People have outlived their usefulness”.

WE INVITE YOU, to join us in helping as many young people as we can.

Regardless of your age or economic circumstance, your support counts!



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