Rincon Country Rally Days — The following are samples of the many comments that have been made regarding this ground-breaking event.  

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Residents’ and Visiting Friends’ Testimonials 

  • Sam, I’ve lived all my life (she’s in her seventies) and have never experienced anything like this before, thank you.” Ancelyn Smith
  • We had fantastic fellowship Sunday evening with many, many residents around the large pool with a luau. Beautiful polynesian dancers from the air force base were amazing in their talents and personalities. The residents were dressed so festively (lots of florals). DeDe Trotter, Olympic Gold medalist, has been here all weekend. She ran the 400m in 49 seconds! She tried to talk to every person present, even remembering names. Her Christian joy is evident. Of course Roland Williams was here on the dance floor till near the end. Kudos and appreciation to my bud, Valerie Mahoney, for coordinating and facilitating a hugely successful project that has spurred our Park to greatness.”  Sandi McNeely
  • I’d like to thank all those who came out for Rincon Country Rally Days and to all those volunteers, office staff and maintenance staff who contributed to this first festival event! A fun time was had by all! To Roland Williams & Dee Dee Trotter, you both made our event something to remember and chat about in the coming years as we look back on Rincon Country Rally Days! Many thanks to Sam & Sheree for the opportunity to be part of this endeavor! Cheers to Rincon Country MHP residents – it’s a great place to come back home every year!Valerie Mahoney
  • Thank you Rincon Country Mobile Home Park my niece and I had a wonderful time at your event! Here is a picture we shot in the office. — with Lynn Manis and Kelly McGee Guinup ” Jamie Volner
  • “It was a pleasure working with you over the last few months. I have gotten to know you much better as a person and a manager of this park. Your job is very difficult and certainly not the easiest job as you have one boss who you need to answer to but you have over 800 residents who think they own your time and attention too.  Thanks for sending he article as well. Roland and Dee Dee were such an inspiration to all who talked to them and our grandson was so fascinated with Roland and was a little disappointed with not meeting Dee Dee. Everyone is still talking about this past weekend, which is great!  The atmosphere in this park is so different than every before. Everyone was buzzing this afternoon at bon appetite – we have never had this conversation level at this luncheon since the beginning……job well done Sam!  I believe you have moved this park forward in so many ways and we are so happy to have been a part of your journey to bring this part to this point. Thank you Sam and Sheree for what you bring to this park and the people we continue to meet and the fellowship we continue to grow with all the resident in this community! Friends for ever!”  Valerie & Ron Mahoney


  • We thank you for allowing us to be a part of your Rally Days this past weekend. It was a real pleasure meeting you and working with you. We had a lot of fun meeting and interacting with many of your guests. Quite a few told us they appreciated our being there and just about everyone we spoke to were having  fun during the event. Some even asked us if we were coming back next year. I guess they are assuming you are going to do the event again. Obviously we told them if we were asked back we would be there. We hope that Rally Days was able to help build E’spirit de Corp“. Joe Sotomayor, Jozarelli’s Italian Food Truck

SURPRISE VISIT By one of the Owners ...

On Sunday, Ms. Gayle McInnis and her son James McInnis Jr. surprised us with a visit during the last day of the Rally Days event.  After taking a tour and observing the magnitude of the activities that were taking place, Ms. McInnis expressed her satisfaction with all that taking place, saying, “Great job Sam“.  When I asked her if she wanted to meet the celebrities she responded by saying, “You are my celebrity“.


They both loved the new community patio and the fact that we were using the event to boost Rincon’s visibility in the surrounding community, while helping our residents help kids.  Thereby, creating an image of our park that would attract new residents, who might be incline to bring in newer homes.  After taking the tour she and Jim took time to take a picture with Roland Williams and DeeDee Trotter.  It was great!

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