August 2015

This page is dedicated to the residents of the Rincon Country Mobile Home Park
who kindly give of their time to assist with activities and events for the benefit of
their fellow neighbors. Each month, we will be spotlighting two volunteers so you
can get to know them better. We hope you will enjoy learning more about their
backgrounds and what motivates them. We sat down with Carol and Mike Sprovtsoff recently and discussed the following:

Carol and Mike Sprovtsoff

Carol and Mike Sprovtsoff

Carol and Mike Sprovtsoff

RCMHP: Where did you live before coming to Rincon Country MHP?

Carol & Mike: We lived in Amelia Island, Florida.

RCMHP: What made you decide to move into Rincon Country MHP?

Carol: I was diagnosed with lung cancer and had successful surgery. Fortunately it was caught early due to a very good surgeon who had previously operated on my neck for something else. A year later after my neck surgery during a follow up appointment, the doctor scheduled an x-ray that also showed the top part of my lung which revealed the cancer. So the main reason we moved here was because the mold and mildew in Florida bothered my lungs. So I’d have to say that’s the main reason, health.

RCMHP: What made you decide to volunteer?

Carol: I was in a meeting over at the community center and when I got there, Jack Brosseau was busy in the kitchen preparing for Bon Appetit. I asked him if he could use some help after my meeting was over. He said yes he would appreciate some help, so that’s how it started. You just step in when you see a need.

RCMHP: Have you enjoyed your volunteer work?

Mike: Yes, we have.

Carol: Since we’re new to the park, volunteering is a way to start meeting people. For example, I met Judy Cameron who told me about the ladies luncheon. And others I’ve met have invited me to different functions. You have to put yourself out there. You can’t just sit in your house and expect things to happen.

RCMHP: What would you say to get others interested in volunteering?

Mike: I would say it’s a fun way to get good exercise. For people who won’t go to an exercise class, they can get some exercise if they volunteer for clean-up (washing dishes, etc.) after functions.

Carol: Like Mike said, it’s good exercise. Plus it’s a good way to meet people.

RCMHP: What do you like to do with your spare time when not busy volunteering?

Carol: I like to paint. I’ve met with Barbara Zarro about giving water color lessons at the new activities center.

Mike: After I retired I worked part-time for a retirement community until we moved here. So I’m actually looking for a hobby to be involved in when we’re not traveling in our motor home.

RCMHP: Would you like to add anything else?

Mike & Carol: We like this park and we’ve enjoyed our time here so far. And we’re looking forward to meeting new people.