November 2015

This page is dedicated to the residents of the Rincon Country Mobile Home Park
who kindly give of their time to assist with activities and events for the benefit of
their fellow neighbors. Each month, we will be spotlighting volunteers so you
can get to know them better. We hope you will enjoy learning more about their
backgrounds and what motivates them. We sat down with Peggy Baer recently and discussed the following:

Peggy Baer Picture

Peggy Baer

Peggy Baer

RCMHP: Where did you live before coming to Rincon Country MHP?

Peggy: In Walla Walla, Washington.

RCMHP: What made you decide to move into Rincon Country MHP?

Peggy: Because my parents lived here. Larry and I always wanted to retire in Tucson and when a job came open we realized it was time for us to move here. So we came down in July of 2014 and both of us went to work. But I was able to retire early in April of this year.

RCMHP: What made you decide to volunteer?

Peggy: I love this place and we’ve decided we are going to stay here. We’re in it for the long haul. So when I went to a 3411 meeting and was asked to help organize a committee to clean up yards, because I had asked what was being done towards maintaining yards, I decided to do it. And so far we’ve cleaned up eleven places since we started in October.

RCMHP: Have you enjoyed your volunteer work?

Peggy: Very much. It’s very rewarding just to see the results of your work. All of my volunteers are hard workers and we socialize, too. So it’s very enjoyable and the residents we’ve helped are thankful. Some have even assisted us in cleaning up their yards.

RCMHP: What would you say to get others interested in volunteering?

Peggy: I would say “Be active in the park.” Get to know your neighbors and be willing to help each other. It becomes a social event at that point. Because it’s sad to know that some people don’t even come out of their homes. It could be they need a ride or just a friend to talk to.

RCMHP: What do you like to do with your spare time when not busy volunteering?

Peggy: I’ve been very active in the park. I enjoy playing cards, water volleyball, social events such as the pot lucks and Bon Appetit, and I’ve taken advantage of exercise classes that are offered here in the park. It seems like there’s something going on every weekend. There’s also so many activities taking place at the activities center; for instance, I’m now crocheting mats out of grocery bags for the homeless, which is just one of the many activities you can explore at the activities center. The best part about being retired is that I have the time to be active now. Before, when I was working outside the home, I never got to know my neighbors.

Further, Larry and I enjoy traveling. We have gone on several Viking River cruises and have traveled the small waterways in many countries. We have visited China, Vietnam, Cambodia, France, Spain, Portugal, as well as waterways in Europe from Amsterdam to Budapest. We have also traveled to South Africa, Greece and Turkey.

RCMHP: Would you like to add anything else?

Peggy: I challenge everyone to get to know your neighbor. Invite them out and bring them down to the social events or to use the amenities the park has to offer. Additionally, we’re still looking for suggestions (if people need help or know of someone who needs help with their lot) and volunteers for my Help Your Neighbor Committee, as well as people to volunteer their tools which will help make the job even more enjoyable.