Water Pipe Repair/Replacement Project …

We have taken the first steps in the implementation of this project, which is the repair/replacement of water pipes throughout the park.  I believe this project will take place in three basic phases, as follows:

  • Phase 1, includes defining the scope of the project by having new engineering drawings that specifically identify the pipe layout with a plan that addresses the impact to the community as the project goes forward.  This phase is already under way and is expected to be completed by the end of March 2013. At that time, we will set up a committee where possible from among those in our community with experience in projects of this magnitude. The purpose of this committee will be to assist in the planning of the project as it relates to park residents and their concerns.
  • Phase 2, the contractor selection process, will be the gathering of competitive bids from several qualified contractors. Once we have reviewed the bids, we (Jim, Mike and I) will select the contractor(s) that best meets our needs.  The final step in the phase will be to contract with the selected contractor(s) and make plans for the work based on engineering plans and the recommendations in the contractor’s bid proposal obtained in Phase 1.
  • Phase 3, will be the work performance to completion phase.
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2 Responses to Water Pipe Repair/Replacement Project …

  1. Rhonda L. Carlson says:

    What happened to neighborhood watch calls? I’m not getting any, today caught shower totally soaped up – and alas, no one answering phone at office and voice mail is a joke. When the EDC of this project. I have been here since September and now it is becoming a weekly event. I am irritated… just imagine how irritated I would be if I did not have bottled water to rinse off with! RhondaCarlson 277

    • rinconpark says:

      First of all, we are sorry for the water problems we are all experiencing. We make every attempt to keep the residents informed whenever a failure is SCHEDULED to occur. Unfortunately, many times, the water pipes fail without warning and we end up not having an advanced idea of the failures. In either case, we notify residents through our Block Captains. We will always do our best to serve your needs.

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