Water Pipe Replacement Update

The Rincon Water Project Team

I want to let everyone know that we have received the engineering drawings for our Water Pipe Replacement Project.  Upon receiving the drawings we set up a project team made up of several residents of our community, strategically selected by Sam Harrell.  In some cases, the selected persons have in some ways demonstrated: 1) a background in civil engineering or related fields, 2) a historical knowledge of the park’s infrastructure, and 3) property management.  In other cases, the persons that I have selected have been actively in community support functions, such as Block Captions and other community communications relations activities.

The overall objective of this Project Team is to work between Park Management and the contracted Project Engineers to assure that the disruptions to the community are minimal to the degree possible under such circumstances.   Their duties will also include keeping the community informed of all activities related to the project so that we all plan our daily lives around it.  In this way, while maintaining an eye on the progress of the project, management will be left to focus on assuring that the community continues to operate without interruption.  Having stated the above, I’d also like to encourage everyone to look upon this coming Water Pipe Replacement Project as “a community project”.  This is important because as much as WE will all benefit from the finished product – good, cleaner water with far fewer water pipe failures – WE must all also be patient as the project goes forward.  It’s going to require us all to be willing to compromise and make a few concessions in our comforts and expectations.  I’ve been your manager now for more than six months and, if there’s anything I know for a fact it is that WE, as a community, know how to come together around a common cause.

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