Water Project Update — May 17, 2013

During the Water Pipe Repair Project, we plan to keep residents informed in several ways.  One way will be through our new Project Team.  This Project Team will have the important task of communicating with all residents about “Things To Do” that will serve as an aid in helping us coordinating our efforts to minimize inconvenience during the project.  In fact, the Project Team will develop and hand out instructions for resident that provide directions and information regarding such things as Emergency Steps (911, maintenance, management, etc.), Block Captain Calls, and the location of Fresh Water Stations.

Already we are making adjustments to the overall plan, which is expected to reduce the amount of time, disruption and money required to complete the project.  As it turns out, we were able to find the original design plans for the park, dated 1974.  These plans provide us with, among other things, the locations of our existing water mains and shut-off valves.  With these plans in hand, we are able to identify existing shut-off valves and install new ones that will help us isolate the park into section(s).  This will enable us to shut-down only those sections (a street or a group of houses) when and where a water leak takes place.  In principle, once we have installed these new valves, we can begin working on replacing the water lines from the mains to each home on a section-by-section (“Zones”) basis.  I am so happy we found those original drawings!

Stay tuned and watch our progress!

The Pulse – Block Captain Newsletter

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